To be honest, I noticed this omission only because midway through working on this article I happened to use the word trough in front of the same SNOOT friend who likes to compare public English to violin-hammering, and he fell sideways out of his chair, and it emerged that I have somehow all my life misheard trough as ending with a th instead of an f and thus have publicly mispronounced it God knows how many scores of times, and I all but burned rubber getting home to see whether perhaps the error was so common and human and understandable that Garner himself had a good-natured entry on it, but no such luck which in fairness I don’t suppose I can really blame Garner for.

– David Foster Wallace: Tense Present: Democracy, English, and the Wars over Usage

Csodálatosan súlyos DFW-esszé a nyelvészetről 112 ezer karakterben. Az idézet az 52 lábjegyzet egyike. Egyes lábjegyzetek saját lábjegyzetekkel bírnak. Minden szelíd grammatikanácinak ajánlom szeretettel, bár minek, hiszen nyilván már olvasták.